Drama Snacked Facebook Page

Hello everyone,

I recently created a Facebook page for this blog. I am going to be very consistent in posting over there. Here is the link 👉🏼 Drama Snacked Official Facebook Page

What to expect from the Facebook Page:

  • Snippets of dramas that I am currently watching.
  • Reasons for dropping a drama that I might have planned or promised to review.
  • News on upcoming drama reviews or any other specials.
  • Clips of how the entire reviewing process goes down for me. (Honestly, this one might be interesting for you all to see)
  • You could also use this platform to chat with me if you want to.
  • And if anyone is interested, I could great a group on the page for us to discuss upcoming and ongoing dramas

Basically, anything related to Drama Snacked will be available on the Facebook page. So please go check it out, kindly leave a like and follow the page.

Thank you 😊

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