Ben Ft. Kim Won Joo – THE FIRST NIGHT: Song Of The Week

The chosen song for this week is The First Night by Ben featuring Kim Won Joo of 4MEN. Lee Eun Young, known by the stage name Ben is a South Korean singer. She was initially a member of the South Korean band BeBe Mignon from 2010 to 2011. Her first solo album – 147.5 was released in October 2012. 147.5 was a compilation of sad ballads with string and piano arrangements. She has also recorded a good number of soundtracks for South Korean films and drama.

The chosen song for this week is a single that was released in 2018.

I really love Ben, she always serves vocals on all her songs and also never fails to get her listeners to emotionally connect with her music. Currently, she is one of my top OST queens. Another plus to this song is Kim Won Joo. 4MEN never disappoints. Apart from them all the members having great voices, they are also really great at blending their sounds perfectly well with other singers.

“The First Night” has been on my Spotify playlist since its release, but it became a more recurring play this week. It is a lovely song, and I really love the melody of the chorus. Ben and Kin Won Joo voices blend beautifully to create the perfect harmony. And even though this song is about the emotions felt on the first night of a breakup, I still love listening to it before going to bed because it calms me.

I hope that you all enjoy listening to “The First Night” as much as I do.

So that is it for this post, take care💞💞


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