A-Lin Ft. J.Sheon – THE SONG YOU PICKED SAVES ME: Music Review

Rating: 9/10

The Song You Picked Saves Me by A-lin and J.Sheon is an original soundtrack from the Taiwanese TV series Memory Love, which starred Andy Chen and Mandy Wei. The drama on its own was quite cute and fun to watch. I am not going to discuss the show because I will be posting a review soon.

“The Song You Picked Saves Me” was featured as the opening soundtrack for the TV series. If you watch Taiwanese series, you would know about the lengthy openings. Some could last for 2 minutes or more, so I skip such parts. But in the case of Memory Love, I never once skipped it because of how good the song was.

The song begins with a light introduction of the beat and A-Lin singing the main melody for the first 0.32 seconds but without any lyrics. She starts singing with actual lyrics at the 0.33 seconds mark. While she sings, J.Sheon breaks in a few times. The chorus then brings both their voices together in sweet harmony. The second verse goes over to J.Sheon and just like the first A-Lin breaks in once in a while. What I really enjoyed about this song is that it was not just about the featured singer doing their verse and then disappearing. The way J.Sheon came in and out of the song really gave it a unique flavour, and both singers shined vocally.

The melody for the chorus was easy to pick up and fun to sing along to. It was my first time listening to anything from A-Lin and J.Sheon, but I absolutely loved it and immediately added it to my Spotify playlist. The track really has an old school r&b vibe to it. So if you’re down for that kind of music, then you’re going to loveeee it. And even if you’re not into RnB, you should check it out and see if it piques your interest.

Have fun listening and don’t be shy to sing along


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